Granchi srl Bituminous Conglomerate Production

The Bernardi brand production plants are located both in the industrial complex of Pomarance (Pisa), in the Ponte di Ferro area, and in the industrial area of Poggibonsi (Siena). They were renovated and updated in 2020 with the installation of the PLC: an industrial automation device that uses control systems to manage machines and industrial processes, minimizing the need for human intervention.

Each plant is made up of:

  • N°9 loading hoppers and related conveyor belts.
  • Hoven Unit
  • Filter unit
  • Silos filler
  • Asphalt silos and heat exchanger.
  • Polymer doser
  • Control and command cabin
  • Tower Unit

Granchi produces asphalt conglomerates for highway use, pavements for industrial and airport applications, and special colored architectural pavements.

The Val D’elsa Conglomerate is based in Poggibonsi, a company founded in 2011 owned by Granchi and F.lli Massai Srl of Grosseto. For more information, you can visit the Conglomerati Val d’elsa website.

Granchi owns a plant for the production of cold bituminous conglomerate called “Conglo-Cold”, which can be sold either in bulk or in packaged form, on pallets of 50 pieces.