Coedil Srl Production of concrete

Coedil has two cement binding material production facilities. One is located at Località Ponte di Ferro Pomarance (Pisa) and the other is at Località Prato d’era – Volterra (Pisa). The former has a six-truck IME classic plant and the latter has a two-truck ORU plant for producing various types of concrete.

The company has an in-house laboratory that manages the recipes and mix-design of cement binding materials, verifying their compliance with technical specifications and ensuring a high-quality concrete suitable for all applications.

The importance of water

Among the various parameters that characterize concrete mixes, the water/cement ratio (w/c) is considered of greatest relevance in the evaluation of rheological, mechanical, and durability characteristics.

Indeed, various fundamental characteristics directly depend on this index, such as final compressive strength, workability, and microstructure. Given the importance of the “Water” component, there are also two probes on the plant for detecting moisture in the aggregates. In fact, if the moisture content is high, the amount of water to be added will be lower than initially planned in the mix. Additives are used to improve the properties of fresh concrete and, consequently, enhance its final strength. There are four types of additives:

  • Setting retarder: to extend the workability maintenance, especially for casting in hot seasons.
  • Fluidifier: with the same water content, a more fluid concrete is obtained, therefore increasing workability
  • Antifreeze: to increase resistance to short periods of cold weather (1-3 days), especially for the production of casts during cold seasons.
  • Special additives: ideal for building industrial flooring or hydraulic works.

The system has a complete automation system that allows management of all functions related to concrete production. This software ensures product quality and standardization. Additionally, it is possible to consult the production archive in order to process data and monitor the production process.