Coedil Srl Production and sale of aggregates

Coedil owns a plant for the production and commercialization of quarry aggregates.

In this phase of the production process, 10 types of aggregates are produced:

  • Natural sand 0-5 mm
  • Gravel 12-20 mm
  • Natural sand 0-5 mm
  • Gravel 4-7 mm
  • Gravel 7-12 mm
  • Gravel 12-20 mm
  • Gravel 20-30 mm
  • Gravel 40-70 mm
  • Gravel 70-120 mm
  • Gravel 0-100 mm
  • Gravel 100-300 mm
  • Quarry stabilized material 0-30 mm

The processing of aggregates can be done both through the wet process and the dry process. We have a wet crushing plant with 3 screens and 8 sieves, equipped with a sand recovery cyclone unit for processing alluvial aggregates. We also have a dry crushing plant with 2 screens and 6 sieves for the production of low-moisture aggregates.

The working of aggregates can be carried out both through the wet process and through the dry process, as we have both a wet crushing plant with three screens and eight shakers for the treatment of alluvial aggregates and a dry crushing plant with two screens and six shakers for the production of aggregates with low humidity.

oth plants have primary and secondary crushing units, with a production capacity of 300 tons/hour and 150 tons/hour respectively.

We also have a rod mill for the production of very fine sands, and it can also operate in on-site crushing and selection of aggregates through semi-mobile crawler units such as:

– NOVUM KESENSTRAK primary jaw crusher
– Primary jaw crusher with with a 1500 mm opening MEYER MINERAL