Toscana eco verde Srl Wood-Energy Supply Chain

Toscana Eco Verde was established in 2003 as a company operating in the sector of recovering lignocellulosic waste. A few years later, the company entered the forestation sector, managing all processes with its own equipment. Over the years, significant investments have been made, allowing TEV to greatly increase its fleet of vehicles and build an additional recovery plant. The company recognizes the fundamental importance of quality and safety and has obtained the ISO 9001 Certification for its management system from RINA S.p.a.


Based on this, our plants have been built with high environmental standards. From this sector, Toscana Ecoverde produces high-quality compost that is currently being marketed. When we mow grass or prune trees, we produce material that can easily be transformed into a product capable of improving soil quality. This product is compost. It is a green compost similar to humus, rich in organic matter, as well as proteins and carbohydrates.

Nature transforms this material, and human technology simply helps and accelerates what nature does every day before our eyes.


Toscana Eco Verde works in the forestry sector, also dealing with the purchase of standing forests. Some types of forestry interventions include thinning, selective cutting, coppicing, riparian vegetation cutting, and clear cutting. These work operations are carried out with qualified personnel and highly professional machinery.

  • Products
  • Forest chip for energy purposes
  • Logs for sawmills
  • Filter biomass

Urban Green Maintenance

It is essential to consider the issue of urban safety and green maintenance by focusing on planned interventions. Understanding the physiology of trees, the correct planting distances, and canopy management is important to achieve a balance in green areas and long-term cost savings.

Safety and Reliability

Toscana Eco Verde carries out pruning and tree felling work to ensure tree safety, with highly qualified operators. The service is performed by loading, transporting, and recovering plant residues, and the woody material is disposed of at authorized TEV plants. Toscana Eco Verde also provides cutting services near power lines and places bins for collecting green waste.

We are your reliable and punctual partner for the recovery of green waste, biodegradable and special waste, wooden packaging, pruning, purchase of standing forests, and production of forest chips.

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